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The map above is what we look like from space. Using the directions on the right you should be able to find your way. If not, use the map below to grab some directions of your own.

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1021 East 7th St. Suite #102
Austin, Tx 78702

We are easy to find on the east side of Austin where all the good Mexican food is. Follow this list and you'll find us.

1. Get to downtown Austin by way of I-35.

2. Take the 7th street exit.

3. Head east on 7th street.

4. Make your way over the hill.

5. Just past the hill you'll see Medina.

6. Turn right on Medina.

7. Park in the street, or the lot if you already have a permit from us. You'll get towed if you don't have one. We have when we didn't.

8. Come inside Suite #102 and say howdy.

The map on the left is what we look like from space. If you need better directions than what are here, use the map on the bottom. We're lookin' forward to meetin' ya.