Points of Interest


Nicole Lavelle is easily one of the most interesting people I know. We were introduced through our mutual mentor Kate Bingaman-Burt in 2009. Earlier this summer I previously posted about her bamboo bike trip and in the past few weeks I watched her create a body of work, Points of Interest, in response to her epic journey across America on a bike she built.

“This is a new kind of work for me! I really enjoy writing, and the power of language, and wanted to incorporate more of it into my work.”

This collection of work, ink drawings of words & ideas, was installed at Stumptown Coffee on SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon in September 2011. See/read much more after the jump!

“There’s something satisfying about processing an emotional experience in a public way. It’s scary, and it makes me feel vulnerable, but I think I’ve learned that making work that is potentially embarrassing has a greater chance at resonating with people.

This spring, before I left the safety of Portland, I told myself that these months are for writing, are for making time to sit and think, and for responding to new situations in new formats. Giant text-based ink paintings that are hyper-thoughtful and sometimes mushy? I think I checked some things off my list.”

All work is for sale, if you’re interested, holler!




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Written By:

Will Bryant


September 15th, 2011