Interview from the Cool Kids Table: Scott Albrecht


Scott Albrecht is delivering high speed solutions to your doorstep. This world class guy is currently stationed in Brooklyn where he by day makes stuff and by night keeps making stuff. He is also the co-founder of Process, a collective blog that focuses on…you guessed it, the process behind art. We have teamed up with Scott for an interview switch-a-roo! You can read my interview here, but you should probably stick around and hear from Scott first.

Q: Did you go to Public School? If so, did you ever get a swirly in the bathroom?

A: I did go to public school, but luckily never received (or knew anyone who got) a swirly. There was always talks of it, but no one ever

really stepped up to the challenge I guess.

Q: Do you ever want to do anything besides art/design?

A: I think I always want to have art and design in the forefront, but I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing a small run record label for fun. I love vinyl, and music has always been a big part of my life – I think it would be fun to have a project to connect to that..

Q: Which do you prefer, “Point Break” or “Roadhouse” ?

A: Both are excellent films, but i think I’m more of a Point Break person – sky diving, surfing, beach criminals are pretty rad in my book.

Q: What’s your first creative memory?

A: I think the earliest creative memory I have is when I was really young I remember  drawing lots of people (family members, friends, super heroes, etc.) but I could never get the proportions of the shoulders to the head quite right. There was always one normal-ish shoulder and one super-wide shoulder… it kind of looked like it was always supposed to be a two-headed person sans-second head.

Q: Which Wes Anderson film would you want to be in? and Why?

A: I really love the Royal Tennenbaums, and I think that might be my favorite film by him, but the characters in The Life Aquatic had such awesome outfits. I’d be pretty pumped to be on Team Zissou!

Q: Who would win in a fight between Kurtwood Smith vs. Rick Moranis?

A: I would want Rick Moranis to win but deep down I think Kurtwood Smith would kill. He’s an intense dude. He’s responsible for Robocop!!!

Thanks so much Scott for hanging with us! Make sure to check out more of his work and blog, Process.




  • Dana

    Great interview! Funny and talented…our kind of guy.

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  • Cody

    Kurtwood would destroy. Met that dude in person, and he would murder Moranis.

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Written By:

Will Bryant


November 2nd, 2010