Hobbs Atly Smith


Meet Hobbs Atly Smith, the son of our friend Eric Smith (idrawallday). Hobbs, who recently celebrated his first birthday,  was born with Down Syndrome. He receives therapy at The Spokane Guilds’ School, an incredible resource for parents with a special needs child. No child is ever turned away at the SGS, and they have been there for Hobbs since he was only 9 weeks old.

In an effort to give back to the school that has guided them through this first year, Eric and his wife created this Hobbs-inspired tee. Shirts are for sale in baby, youth, and adult sizes, and all profits go to the Spokane Guilds School. Learn more about Hobbs story here, and pick up your size here.




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Written By:

Cody Haltom


December 10th, 2012