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Kevin Reid: Central Market


Kevin Reid of Dallas, Texas is talented as all get out. These posters he designed featuring the illustrations of Judy Unger, for Central Market are all kinds of pretty. I’ve enjoyed the recent return to more illustration based advertising that we’ve seen, and this is a perfect example.

BBQ Pit Master


If you’re about to be grilling in or around Austin, be sure to pick up this month’s Austin Monthly for their feature on How to Barbecue Like a Pit Master. I photographed this feature for them using County Line‘s BBQ and my buddy Dustin as our Pit Master Model. It was a fun shoot.

Jamie Stolarski: The Landing


San Antonio is one of my favorite cities. It’s filled with history and little Texas instituions. Apparently its also home to great designers too as Jamie Stolarski has proven. He refreshed The Landing‘s identity recently, and boy is it some nice work.

Rand Renfrow Updates


Good ole Rand Renfrow has been super busy making, drawing, and printing. When he’s not busy printing all of our stuff he likes to be selfish and make work of his own. Here’s a peek at some of his latest masterpieces that feature radical still life imagery, wild shapes, wacky patterns and trippy lettering!

Threading In The Choirs


My friend Michael Muller is extremely talented and easily one of the nicest guys I know. You might be familiar with him from his music Balmorhea, or perhaps you’ve already discovered his world of travels, eats, and mixes on his blog entitled Threading In The Choirs. It’s here that Michael does a wonderful job documenting and capturing the places he goes, people he meets and the food I wish I was eating.

Note Cards

Vaquero y’all.

Let’s jump rope!

The internet, it’s open.

Not your typical Walgreen’s pharmacy.

It’s called the spoon prank, and it is hilarious.

Brine Icicles don’t mess around. They’re killer.

Would you ride a giant spoke-less ferris wheel?

Stop annoying your neighbors with these cheap soundproofing techniques.

One of our favorite Austin spots receives FFFest praise for their “Slayer Dog”

One used time traveling DeLorean for sale. $600,000 OBO.

How good at Kerning are you? Why not test yourself?

It’s October, so why not celebrate with some Dia De Los Modernists posters?

While we’re talkin’ food, how about a pencil sharpener that dispenses parmesan pencil shavings? Yum!

Need to peel an entire head of garlic in under 10 seconds? Do it with two bowls.

This is the kinda Garden Gnome that lets people know you mean business.

Darth Vader blows some hot air.

You really need to be following Adam Garcia’s sketchbook blog.

That’s a really cool fountain. I want that in my yard.

Hey Portland! Cheat Local!

Marty McFly and Doc Brown have a backstory finally.

It’s the cartoon color wheel.

What if Charles Schulz wrote Jaws?

If there’s anything you learn from this, it’s that you shouldn’t get a discount taxidermist.

Not that you don’t already, but keep in mind that chain emails are bad.