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Lettres à l’usage du Peintre


I’m a photographer, not a designer by trade, so excuse me if I’m butchering an explanation on this collection. The google translation of the title is roughly Letters for Use By Painters. Based on that, I’m assuming this was an old collection of letters for sign painters to use as inspiration. Correct me if I’m wrong though. Regardless of its purpose, I’m in love. You know how much I love painted signs.

Linnea Strid


While we’re on the subject of hyperrealistic things it’d be a good time to show you Linnea Strid’s paintings. They’re mind-blowingly real. The way she makes objects look through water is about as real as it gets. More after the jump.

Bill Murray


The R&R Gallery has collected numerous Bill Murray pieces and I want them all! My favorites are after the jump and the rest you can view here.

Keinyo White – Watercolor Portraits

Keinyo White

While looking through Keinyo White’s impressive portraits, I wondered why I didn’t see more watercolor artists showing up on blogs or on visual aggregators such as FFFFOUND or Lookwork.

The idea that so few artists choose to explore this medium (especially when compared to acrylic and oil) saddens me. I’ve asked artists about this in the past and they’ve explained that they haven’t explored watercolor because it leaves little room for error. Painting over a mistake isn’t an option; at least not without losing the translucency that often helps define a watercolor. They also reminded me that watercolor has long been associated with country landscapes and flower still life.

To me, these sound like the perfect reasons to dive into watercolor. What artist wouldn’t want to push themselves towards perfection or help redefine how the non-art world views an entire medium? Maybe it’s time for me (and you?) to take a trip to the local art store.

More of Keinyo’s inspiring portraits below.

Ken Cro-Ken

Deep Blue Sea

Contemporary artist Ken Cro-Ken produces paintings that appear to be obscure landscapes from other worlds. His experimental mixed media pieces are often created in extreme climates and altitudes. Ken does this in order to raise his sensitivity to nature and heighten his awareness to what he creates…..pretty interesting.

Note Cards

I’m all for this kind of nuclear proliferation.

Let’s all have a meat machine dance party!

Shredder wants you for the foot.

Whoa, some weird cows.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

Great short on Winterhouse.

All it took was 6.24 seconds.

America looks like a shark or something.

Amazing Iron & Wine poster by Landland.

You missed the top. “Oh ah!

Those fine fellas over at The Post Family have a fresh new redesign!

I’m a pretty big fan of this beautiful typeface called Helmut.

We’re getting closer and closer to terminator days.

No one wants to be that bored couple.

You don’t need more closet space. You just need Magritte Hangers.

What can I say? I’m a glass half full kinda guy.


The White House flickr stream is pretty neat.

It’s been a long time since someone has actually yelled, “stop the presses!”. has officially released an iPhone App.

I used to have an airedale, he couldn’t do this.

The world’s smallest horse, no you can’t ride it.

Please let this be the new Lil Wayne cover.

Nothing to see here, folks.