Smoking Kids


To inspire a discussion about the smoking ban in Belgium, photographer Frieke Janssens, produced this portrait series of different prototypical smokers depicted by children. She was inspired after seeing the video of the Indonesian baby who was hooked on smoking. She was struck by the American reaction of being repulsed, compared to the overall Indonesian reaction of considering it normal. See the rest after the jump. Apparently the cigarettes were some sort of “dummy” cigarette, so keep those pitchforks stowed away.

Click on the set below to see them bigger.

She also produced this “making of” video where you can see the process of posing and photographing the children.




  • Alyshawalker

    Props to the stylist! Amazing.

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  • Ashley Messick

    wow these are amazing. what intriguing expressions too. 

  • Dlookan25

    You are sick.  Horrible pictures and not art.  This just shows how sick this world has become.  No morals.  Depection of what show be child abuse has no place anywhere.

  • Mwkristy


  • Corey Leamon

    Did you bother to read the paragraph about cultural differences?? Apparently not.

    I think in addition, these photos also point out the hypocrisy of adulthood: telling your kids what they can and cannot do before you turn around and do it yourself. Smoking is degenerative at any age.

  • Sdf

    Beautiful clothing and pics, but NOT AT ALL appropriate for children!

  • Dsf

    exactly the word I was looking for!

  • Carey Mooradian

    THIS. is horrible – what did these kids learn while the shoot was going? Smoking is good? Go ahead? Smoke all you want? If a mother was caught giving her 5 year old a cigar, taking pictures and posting it on facebook, it would be considered child abuse. And that is exactly what this is.  Is this how the world ends? With an uproar of applause in the name of “art”?
    Wake up and see what is happening to your children.

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  • Khpegram

    Wow………..     Did you just say “Is this how the world ends?

    Trust me you do not live in the real world. So don’t worry :)

  • David

    Some would be okay seeing them have sex rather that fake smoke.

  • Priserv1

    The parents must have given the OK, so they should be charged with Abuse

  • Fotogator

    When I think of my grandchildren these photos are very disturbing.  But the photos themselves are really great.

  • Srigo19

    I find these photos amazing! Not that I advocate children smoking; however, I doubt that is the artist’s message either.

  • Trolic

    That is the whole point of the pictures, to point out the issues with smoking. Jesus people use your brains and think before you run off at the mouth.

  • Bush

    You may be right, but it is not at all clear.  When you use sarcasm to prove a point, you better make sure people understand the sarcasm.

  • Seriously

    They are right. For starters, these photographs aren’t being published on Nickelodeon, so its not like its pushing smoking on kids. Secondly, as an adult if you don’t get the sarcasm in the photographs, or at the very least read the captions before flying off your rocker, you need a lot of help.

  • Rusty53

    Garbage, pure garbage, not art, not worth looking at

  • guest

    I wonder what the children were told during the shoot..

  • shawn

    these kids are not smoking… they are acting… working and creating… and art is effective if it is affective…

  • Tss1162

    The girls are kind of arrousing

  • Jenny

    beautiful art! I wish I could have a calendar made with these pictures!

  • Kallie929

    The costumes are gorgeous as is the make-up, poses are well-done. But the smoking (even if it is fake) is just disturbing and tacky.

  • Juan B.

    fantastic, really beautiful art direction. 

  • Carey Mooradian

    Because of innocence of children is disapearing daily and you don’t believe that happens in the real world?

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  • Anonymous

    Rabble rabble rabble, knee-jerk knee-jerk, rabble rabble…LOL

    The juxtaposition of children against the backdrop of adulthood is a commentary on the pressures placed on children vis a vis sexualization and other forms of exploitation. It’s not an ad campaign for Marlboro. Think outside of the box, people. 

  • finky

    I remember a movie made of Shirley Temple and others as children doing really adult things, and not just smoking. Drinking and acting like sluts too (look up War Babies). My parents’ generation loved stuff like that (yet even as a child I found it disturbing). This -art- at least has a point, not just for entertainment or shock value like movies do. 

    Also, I’d be a lot more worried about the tens of thousands of children being trafficked in America (not to mention the millions being abused in the world) than some pictures of children smoking that aren’t even going to be shown to other children.

  • Anonymous

    I love the pictures!  WOW brilliant!   

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  • Bayfred_10

    The ringlets baby looks exactly like me. im freaking out can someone tell me her name i have to see more pictures of her i think we might be long lost relitives


    but some of them has it in their mouth



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Jay B Sauceda


November 28th, 2011