7 Things We Can Stop Photographing


We need to talk. I know that we all really enjoy taking photos and picture tagging on Facebook is fun but the world isn’t made out of hard drives and eventually we are going to run out of storage space. While you’re cutting out the bad email habits, help alleviate this storage problem by ceasing to photograph anything on this list of no longer necessary photographs.

It’s sure thing to say that Matt Inman only produces gold and this is no different. If you like his work, you should buy some of it.




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  • http://artsponge.wordpress.com Patrick

    The Oatmeal is one of the funniest websites on the net

  • Maurits den Held

    7 should be on 1!

  • Tippytoeresa

    Fire. I have so many pictures of campfires from when I was drunk that I could probably have a campfire with them.  ooooooo look at that log.  ahhhhh, isn’t that nice?  Did you see that spark?

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Jay B Sauceda


October 14th, 2010



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