Show & Tell


Recently our friends at Frank asked us to contribute to the Frank Public Art wall. Rather than try to compete with the amazing illustrations that the previous artists have done, we decided to take it in more of a conceptual direction. The end result was our solution to the parking shortage downtown. Here are a couple extra spots that folks can use free of charge. You’re welcome Austin.


I really like the type work of Jon Calleja. His Health over Wealth design, which you can see after the jump, is my favorite. He just launched a new portfolio site, so head on over there and see the rest of his work.


I’m floored by this video produced by BBDO Brazil and director Cisma for Getty Images. It is comprised of over 800 unrelated Getty Images, and tells a story from “Love to Bingo”. Check it out after the jump and be as amazed as I am.


The incredibly talented and extremely sweet Nicole Lavelle has recently launched an internet store! There are prints, original works, postcards, and even the option to commission a piece. She’s about to embark on yet another journey, this time to New York for an intensive writing workshop. Here’s a nice little note that explains it…

Hello internet friends,

Last month I was accepted to the School of Visual Arts’ D-Crit Summer intensive, a two-week design writing and research workshop in New York. Booyah! I’m really excited to go learn from people like Steve Heller and Ellen Lupton and see the city through an active, critical lens.

Now I have to find money to send myself there. (Art school is EXPENSIVE!)

So, I made an internet store. There you can purchase items I’ve made to support my educational endeavors! You’ll find things like original word paintings, Xeroxed posters, hand-sewn zines and photo prints. And, in case you’re my dad or my grandma, all the way at the bottom there’s a “donate” link if you just want to support my effort to be a better writer.

Thank you forever!

Go check out the store, there’s a lot of rad stuff. I’m framing a commissioned piece for my haus.


Tedious. That’s how I’d describe what I feel when I look at his project. Tedious, and well, beautiful. Garth Britzman created this piece by filling a bunch of old soda bottles with varying shades of colored water. The final product is this floral pattern created by the countless bottle bottoms. Beautiful.

Note Cards

Apparently you've read through all of the note cards. Good work.