About Public School

PUBLIC SCHOOL is a creative studio on the east side of Austin. We share studio space and ideas as well as a fondness for the Mexican food on our side of town.

We work together when the projects call for it and separately when they don’t. Ultimately though we believe in the value of shared experiences and the ability to continue creative growth by learning from those around you.

Our collective and individual clients include Chronicle Books, New York Times Magazine, GOOD, Conde Nast, Sweet Leaf Tea, Iron and Wine, Baylor University, Ogilvy & Mather, LIVESTRONG, Pearson Publishing, Stussy, Time Inc., NIKE, The University of Texas, The Sunday Times of London, as well as a few other folks.

More Details

What We Are:

A collective
2 photographers
4 designers
1 illustrator
3 dogs
A workspace
Close to Progress Coffee
Looking to buy a 72 Bronco
Full of good ideas
Up for flag football

What We Are Not:

A frat house
A series of tubes
A Real School
Just a blog
Involved with the Illuminati
A get rich quick scheme

Some Of Our Skills:

Morgan Freeman impersonations
Architectural photography
Crawfish étouffée cook
Graphic design
Video production
Can jump really high
Portrait photography
Robocop expert
Interactive design
Texas Furniture Expert
Print production
Professional wood stainers