South By Southwest Promo


You’re reading this blog post, so you already know what PUBLIC SCHOOL is, but for the folks who’ll be in town this coming week and a half for South By Southwest, we’ll be putting this QR code I made up around town to help them get acquainted. It was hand-drawn upstairs on our chalkboard, though it required a little bit of photoshop to clean up and make useable.

If you’re looking for a good QR code reader, Bakodo and the Google iPhone app are our favorites. If you’d like to spread the word and put some posters up yourself, you can snag a full sized image of the QR code image here. Just right click the link and click “save as”. Print or do whatever you please with it.

Many thanks to my buddy Grant Piper for doing the original QR code out of the kindness of his heart. I traced this thing from his original QR/Pschool logo mashup he did.




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Written By:

Jay B Sauceda


March 8th, 2011