Interviews from the Cool Table: Kate Bingaman-Burt


Continuing with our lunchtime interviews we get to hear from the busiest and most enthusiastic maker I know, Kate Bingaman-Burt! She has played a crucial role in the development of design students around the country , including myself. Kate endlessly injects her personality and contagious attitude into whatever she does. Check out what she has to say about Stephen Malkmus and her love for typography.

Q: Did you go to Public School? If so, did you ever get a swirly in the bathroom?

A: oh man…I sure did go to Public School. I actually remember hiding in the bathroom because I didn’t want to be in class. The tiles were very small and if I zoned out and let my eyes unfocus, the tiles would become 3d. Um, I kind of hated school (no offense, Public School). I LOVED EVERYTHING after elementary, junior high and high school, however.

Q: Do you turn down a lot of work?

A: I wish I could do everything and I certainly try to do so, but sometimes I do say no. I am getting better at it too. (one of the hardest things for me to do).

Q: Which Wes Anderson film would you want to be in? and Why?

A: My favorite is Rushmore. I relate to Max Fischer way too much.

Q: What is about letterforms that’s so appealing? I just love this quote from Erik Spiekermann, “Other people look at bottles of wine or girls’ bottoms. I just get kicks out of looking at type.” To me it’s part dorky, part science, part interesting, and part Bob Dylan Coolness.

A: It fulfills the failed english major in me. I can tell stories through drawing letterforms. Personality through line is exciting and I love that I can’t draw a line the same way ever. A new story is told every time. Even if the story isn’t obvious or clear…I love the lack of uniformity.

Q: How many times have you gone looking for Stephen Malkmus since living in Portland?

A: The 20 year old Kate would FREAK if she knew that SM lives four blocks away from the 33 year old Kate. The 33 year old Kate still kind of freaks out about that as well.

Thanks Kate for taking time to talk with us! Super excited about seeing you (Clifton and Maybelle) in 2 weeks!




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