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Audio Document 9: Christmas Time


We are five days out from Christmas which is good news for all you good boys and girls. It means today we’re putting a Christmas Audio Document in all of your digital stockings. This one is packed with new stuff, some classics and a classy Merry Christmas From the Family Robert Earl Keen tune. Download your copy today then tell your friends and help spread the holiday cheer!

Props to Shaun for putting this thing together.

Why? x LandLand


The radical band, Why?, opened a brand spanking new online shop that features this beautiful 2011 calendar by Landland! Dan Black and Jessica Seamans are the folks behind Landland and in my opinion, they are putting out some the best contemporary poster art out there. You might have seen their art for Why?’s 2010 European Tour…

Rowan Converse – Fool’s Quest


Seth Akkerman of Pseudo Suede Studios sent in this beautiful video they just did for the equally beautiful song Fool’s Quest by Rowan Converse. If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, sit back and let this take your mind off of things.

Tender Loving Empire


Tender Loving Empire is a rad multifaceted shop in downtown Portland filled with cool stuff and awesome people! They are so much more than a shop; operating as an arts collective, record label, production house, gallery, screen printers, and whatever else comes to mind! Thanks to Jaclyn for allowing to talk her ear off and bombard her with questions.

40 Wild Birds


French artist, Celeste Boursier-Mougenot, set up an installation at the Barbican art gallery allowing 40 finches to freely fly around a room that contains a Gibson Les Paul guitar. The participation of the uninstructed players creates a sound that just can’t be replicated. View the entire piece here and see if you can tell what the bird’s pond is.

Note Cards

Connecting science and art.

You thought your name was bad.

History Class: 50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin manned the very first flight to put a human in space.

Apparently all famous men must own a motorcycle.

High speed solutions result in endless growth.

Really nice post about us from the lovely and talented duo known as Eight Hour Day.

This is the exact kind of creepy note card that needs to be posted at 3 am.

Make some noise for the new Beastie Boy’s Track

New show up at NSAG!

I love spandex, and the new Destroyer music video.

A ton of people have been moving across the U.S. from one place to another. Did your county lose or gain folks?

NASA has a train for Space Shuttle stuff, and its basically a massive slow moving bomb.

I’m not sure what the concepts were, but these stock photos are unusable.

Amazing photos, before we had Instagram

Moonwalking is cool and all, but I want to Space Walk.

Don’t park in these spaces. TKO Advertising will tow you away in hilarious fashion.

This may very well be the coolest Space Shuttle launch photograph ever taken.

See what happened at the Fader Fort over SXSW, starring Will Bryant.

History Class: remembering the Triangle Fire.