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30 Ways To Kill A Cowboy


As the regular cowboy-hat-wearer at PUBLIC SCHOOL, its my legal obligation to share all things western related with you on the blog. Today’s western related thing is this cool set of animations for the iPhone game Ready Steady Bang. The game is a super simple, yet nicely produced Western Shootout game. Check out the cutely morbid video after the jump, then go buy the game. It’s an addicting one, especially with two players.

Hat tip to Dave Schwab for pointing it out to me.

Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell just recently launched a brand spanking new site that showcases his wide range of talent. I was first introduced to his work through the band Vetiver. He’s done numerous album packages and fliers that are filled with his folky lettering and watercolor washes. Not until recently have I discovered his quirky drawings that are featured after the jump.

Mary Kate McDevitt


I was making a Note Card of a submission Mary Kate McDevitt made to our Flickr Show & Tell Group and then decided that Mary Kate deserved her own post. Her hand lettering is really nice! This first one was an editorial illustration for a story on how Groupon hurts local businesses. The others after the jump are equally beautiful and totally uplifting.

Being that you’re up in Portland Mary Kate, if you’re reading this you should give old Willie Woods Bryant, our recent transplant Portland transplant, a shout.

Learn Something Everday


I just came across this fun self-initiated learning resource today, Learn Something Everyday, which features random illustrated facts. So far there have been some really great contributing illustrators such as Andy Rementer (above), Merijn Hos, Andy Smith, Serge SeidlitzMatthew Green, and Adrian Johnson.

There’s even a book available for pre-order!

Aled Lewis – iam8bit


I posted about Aled Lewis a while back and have been a big fan of his work ever since. Austin Kleon posted on his Tumblr about some new work that Aled created for the iam8bit art show. I love this kind of mashup project. There are a few more cool examples after the jump.

Note Cards

Connecting science and art.

You thought your name was bad.

History Class: 50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin manned the very first flight to put a human in space.

Apparently all famous men must own a motorcycle.

High speed solutions result in endless growth.

Really nice post about us from the lovely and talented duo known as Eight Hour Day.

This is the exact kind of creepy note card that needs to be posted at 3 am.

Make some noise for the new Beastie Boy’s Track

New show up at NSAG!

I love spandex, and the new Destroyer music video.

A ton of people have been moving across the U.S. from one place to another. Did your county lose or gain folks?

NASA has a train for Space Shuttle stuff, and its basically a massive slow moving bomb.

I’m not sure what the concepts were, but these stock photos are unusable.

Amazing photos, before we had Instagram

Moonwalking is cool and all, but I want to Space Walk.

Don’t park in these spaces. TKO Advertising will tow you away in hilarious fashion.

This may very well be the coolest Space Shuttle launch photograph ever taken.

See what happened at the Fader Fort over SXSW, starring Will Bryant.

History Class: remembering the Triangle Fire.