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Eli, no!


Children’s books can have such a positive impact on learning life lessons, as well as the memories children will have, so its important to pick the right ones. This one, by the rad husband and wife team, Eight Hour Day, is one everyone should definitely keep around for their kids. The story centers around Eli, their lovable dog, who likes to get in to trouble quite often. Through all of his antics, the reader learns about unconditional love. Aside from the story, the best part about a book written by these designers, is that you also get their wonderful illustrations. See more of the book after the jump and get more info about the book here.

Learn Something Everday


I just came across this fun self-initiated learning resource today, Learn Something Everyday, which features random illustrated facts. So far there have been some really great contributing illustrators such as Andy Rementer (above), Merijn Hos, Andy Smith, Serge SeidlitzMatthew Green, and Adrian Johnson.

There’s even a book available for pre-order!

Texas High School Football: More Than The Game


Recently Pentagram Austin asked me to partner up with them on a project for the Bob Bullock Museum’s exhibit Texas High School Football:More Than The Game. Curated by the prolific Texas writer Joe Nick Patoski, the exhibit covers the history of Texas High School football. To accompany the exhibit, which opened last week and runs until January 22nd, Pentagram designed a book detailing many of the artifacts in the show using my photographs of the artifacts. The items span the spectrum from the first issue of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football to Drew Brees’ high school football jersey and helmet.

With the relatively recent demise of Friday Night Lights, thankfully you can still get your fix of High School football in the wonderfully curated exhibit just north of the Texas Capitol. If you’ve never been to the Bob Bullock Museum, you’re missing out, and this is just the excuse to change that. Most people don’t know (myself until recently included) that the museum as a whole has only three objects in permanent collection. Subsequently, even if you have been once before, the museum has undoubtedly changed since then, warranting another visit.

When does crime happen?


Crime happens at varying levels in different cities and is far from random. Trulia put together a pretty little HTML 5 chart of crime “popularity” throughout the day in different cities around the country. Check it out.

The Connected States of America


When it comes to texting and calling, the United States is apparently a cliquish bunch. According to research by MIT and IBM, somewhat unsurprisingly, we tend to communicate most often with the people in the regions closest to us. Check out the video of the visualization after the jump.

Note Cards

Connecting science and art.

You thought your name was bad.

History Class: 50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin manned the very first flight to put a human in space.

Apparently all famous men must own a motorcycle.

High speed solutions result in endless growth.

Really nice post about us from the lovely and talented duo known as Eight Hour Day.

This is the exact kind of creepy note card that needs to be posted at 3 am.

Make some noise for the new Beastie Boy’s Track

New show up at NSAG!

I love spandex, and the new Destroyer music video.

A ton of people have been moving across the U.S. from one place to another. Did your county lose or gain folks?

NASA has a train for Space Shuttle stuff, and its basically a massive slow moving bomb.

I’m not sure what the concepts were, but these stock photos are unusable.

Amazing photos, before we had Instagram

Moonwalking is cool and all, but I want to Space Walk.

Don’t park in these spaces. TKO Advertising will tow you away in hilarious fashion.

This may very well be the coolest Space Shuttle launch photograph ever taken.

See what happened at the Fader Fort over SXSW, starring Will Bryant.

History Class: remembering the Triangle Fire.