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Marcio Kogan

Geral Frontal

If I had to choose, I would have to say that the South American interpretation of modern architecture is definitely my favorite. Brazilian architects specifically, seem to have a way of designing their buildings feel to warm and livable, despite being constructed from fairly rigid and cold materials. This project by Marcio Kogan is the perfect example of what I love about the architecture from this region. The structure has simple angular volumes, beautiful concrete form work, and flexible interaction between the indoor and outdoor spaces.  It also doesn’t hurt that it is literally 20 yards from the ocean, in Brazil.

You Live In A Church

I’m in love with this beautiful church renovation in Kyloe, Northumberland. The folks spent about £92,000 ($142,500) to purchase it, £300,000 ($465,000) renovating it but have now built its value up to an estimated £650,000 ($1,007,000) which isn’t a bad investment. I grew up attending a Spanish style Catholic Church in La Porte, Texas that looks a lot like this home, save for the plush couches and stainless steel appliances. Though I enjoyed growing up there, I don’t know that I would ever buy the church, renovate it and then move in it. Nevertheless, I dig this project. Via Desire To Inspire.

Greetings from . . . Dubai!

Just kidding, I’m still in Austin. But everyone knows that Dubai is meant to be the next “great city” of the world. The construction boom, courtesy of your SUV, is still in full swing. Benedict Redgrove took these remarkable photographs of the process.
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Frank Lloyd Wright Legos

I used to play with Legos a ton when I was growing up so I was excited to see that The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Lego would be collaborating with Brickstructures, Inc to release a couple of Wright’s famous designs in Lego form. Slated to come out first will be Falling Water and the Guggenheim.

More information via PrairieMod

One More Section In His Sectional

Unhappy Hipsters

“He tried to relax and enjoy the moment, but he couldn’t help wishing that there was one more section in his sectional.”

I may be the last person on the planet to have not read Unhappy Hipsters, but if you haven’t either head over there for the comical captions given to the photos seen in Dwell.

(Photo: Todd Hido; Dwell, Jan/Feb 05)

Note Cards

Connecting science and art.

You thought your name was bad.

History Class: 50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin manned the very first flight to put a human in space.

Apparently all famous men must own a motorcycle.

High speed solutions result in endless growth.

Really nice post about us from the lovely and talented duo known as Eight Hour Day.

This is the exact kind of creepy note card that needs to be posted at 3 am.

Make some noise for the new Beastie Boy’s Track

New show up at NSAG!

I love spandex, and the new Destroyer music video.

A ton of people have been moving across the U.S. from one place to another. Did your county lose or gain folks?

NASA has a train for Space Shuttle stuff, and its basically a massive slow moving bomb.

I’m not sure what the concepts were, but these stock photos are unusable.

Amazing photos, before we had Instagram

Moonwalking is cool and all, but I want to Space Walk.

Don’t park in these spaces. TKO Advertising will tow you away in hilarious fashion.

This may very well be the coolest Space Shuttle launch photograph ever taken.

See what happened at the Fader Fort over SXSW, starring Will Bryant.

History Class: remembering the Triangle Fire.