Renegade Craft Fair

baseball 1989

We had ton’s o’ fun at Renegade Craft Fair this year. Our retro baseball card photo booth had a lot of visitors and while we’re working on getting everyone’s up on the site, we’d like to share the 20 best from the weekend. The rest will be posted up mañana.




  • Pablo


  • Glen Gauthier

    Jay, hit me up with a hi res version of mine. Let me know what I owe you.

  • Bobertbaldwin

    I wanna see mine!


  • Alex Fuller

    oh good lord, i wish i was there for this magic.

  • Jessica D.

    These are awesome!  Any idea when you will have the rest up?  We so look forward to seeing ours.  Thanks again for your work.

  • Gabusmaximus

    robert, you’re a sissy

  • Gabusmaximus

    waiting on my hi-res still. i’m chomping at the bit over here.

  • Liz

    Where are the rest? Really want to see my picture!

  • Myla

    I love the Renegade Craft Fair. You should have a booth in SF!

  • jww

    Any update on the full gallery?

  • Sean

    Where are the rest? Any updates coming?

  • Kelly

    I couldn’t have said it better “infraredstudio”! It’s been about a month already when they said the rest would be posted “manana”…back on May 23rd.

  • c’mon already!

    what’s really lame is that i bet you guys took $5 from 100 people and essentially just robbed us. 

  • Sheikzs

    Can someone please tell me why the photos from May are not posted yet? Someone could at least tell us whats happening.  I really like your work but this is really disappointing. 

  • Lacey

    Can we at least get an explanation of why the pictures haven’t been put up from this? It is just odd that you said they’d be up the next day and there has been no mention of it since.

  • Liz

    My mother in law payed for her picture and yet she never received it. This is dishonest and bad for business. There really is no excuse for this. You could at least update us. Did you lose the pictures?

  • Liz


  • Ryan Heath

    yall is buttholes

  • Grade A Sucker

    you still suck for stealing from people

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Written By:

Jay B Sauceda


May 23rd, 2011