We have limited opportunities for advertising on PUBLIC SCHOOL in the traditional sense. We limit ourselves to 4 display advertisers a month, and one ad per page. In other words, one spot is roughly 25% of monthly traffic for that month long block. In addition, we offer sponsorships for postings and our events.

We are picky though. We don’t want to sell junk. We want to partner with companies that we would use ourselves. What does this mean? It means real attention to the sponsors from our readership. It also means more relevancy for them. It’s win win.

Now, about those readers. Who are they exactly? 75% of them are between the ages of 18-35. They’re design oriented individuals with a passion for learning about what is going on around them. A solid 24% read the site daily. We’ve even got a dedicated 10% who read several times a day. All those numbers add up to ~ 135,000 page views a month and growing.

Let’s open up the conversation about what we can do together. Contact Jay B for more information on rates and opportunities:

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